Let’s debunk the myths that go around the topic!

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It’s a dreadful journey to take on, but you are not alone!

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The three things you’d wish you’d known sooner about your website

I will be just honest here and skip all the marketing BS for a while, the main differentiator is the fact that some companies care about their sales numbers and their customers and others don´t!

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1. Using your customers as a source of monitoring

The things that you wanted to know before starting up for the first time.

From choosing your co-founders to the startup jargon

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Get up and running with Prometheus monitoring and express.js in few minutes

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What are the questions that you should ask when hiring a monitoring engineer in the year 2020!

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A guide to IcM process by a seasoned monitoring engineer

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It’s really easier than you think — but to be sure, take a deeper look into this article.

How Pipedrive enables developers to get their monitoring data rolling within the deployment pipeline.

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This simple idea saved countless amounts of work-hours for our team.

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Kristjan Hiis

Co-Founder of @HastliHQ— Love monitoring and data! Monitoring Team Lead @Pipedrive

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